Best Papers:
An Equivalence Between Private Classification and Online Prediction
Mark Bun; Roi Livni; Shay Moran
Affiliations: Boston University; Tel-Aviv University; Google AI Princeton

Edge-Weighted Online Bipartite Matching
Matthew Fahrbach; Zhiyi Huang; Runzhou Tao; Morteza Zadimoghaddam
Affiliations: Google Research; The University of Hong Kong; Columbia University; Google Research

A New Minimax Theorem for Randomized Algorithms
Shalev Ben-David; Eric Blais
Affiliations: University of Waterloo; University of Waterloo

Machtey Award for Best Student Paper:
The Constant Depth Formula and Partial Function Versions of MCSP are Hard
Rahul Ilango
Affiliations: MIT

Knuth Prize:
Cynthia Dwork, for her sustained record of contributions to theoretical computer science over the past four decades.